Our company provides services in the Antalya real estate sector. Our company located on Alanya performs works accompanied by a team with knowledge and experience. Unlike many competing companies, we are safely preferred in the sector. You can also choose our New World Turkey Group Real Estate company with confidence and you can benefit from the service we have provided with confidence.



Our first priority is to create value for our customers and to meet their expectations with quality and stability. It is our duty to stand by our customers by protecting our values and after the service we provide.


Our main goal is to be the best in quality, service, investment options and to preserve this image we have. In order to achieve this goal, it is our basic principle to take responsibility in the fields in which we operate and to be a leader in the market.


The quality of our services starts with the quality of our employees. To gather the best personnel and adult manpower under the roof of New World Turkey Group Real Estate, to make maximum use of the talents, strength and creativity of our people; It is the way we have chosen to increase their productivity, to allow their development, to create a working environment where cooperation and solidarity flourish, to ensure the continuity of the name New World Turkey Group Real Estate for generations.


It is our principle to act in good faith and understanding in all our relationships, in order to provide fair and mutual benefit, and to always comply with the laws and moral rules.

Fulfilling our responsibilities towards today's people and future generations is another fundamental principle that we pioneer and cannot give up.

“Everything You Can Imagine Is Real”

With our customer-oriented approach, reliable and honest service approach, and our expert staff;

Our mission is to make your dreams come true.


We have differences that enable us to be special in the eyes of our customers and make us privileged;

We are experienced

In the intense competition in the sector, we know the importance of being a leading, reliable, honest service and preferred company and that it is much more difficult to maintain this quality.

As New World Turkey Group Real Estate, we have always determined our service standards according to this understanding.

We are experts

Because we provide the highest benefit in the shortest time.

We are Customer Focused

Our main goal is customer satisfaction

We listen to you, understand what you imagine and target, and strive to offer the most suitable alternative.

We know that if you are happy, we will be happy. IF YOU WIN, WE WIN.

As New World Turkey Group Real Estate, we are happy to see you among us.



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